Art breathes life into our homes

 Art when made part of our homes, not only fulfills the need of decoration but also brings life to our home. It gives that human touch to our space which generally is missed out with all the machine-made items around us. Art casts a magic spell on our homes as well as on our minds.

Art is a way of life through which one’s thoughts and values can be expressed. A work of art conveys messages of joy, sorrow, beauty, despair, past or even glimpse of future. Many times, it is difficult for people to understand the underlying message in a work of art that the artist intends to convey. However, as Claude Monet, the French painter, said that it is not necessary to understand art but it is necessary to simply love the art.

Every person has the ability to turn even the simplest space into a beautiful story. Creativity is all it takes, yet creativity takes courage. You can turn your home into your own channel to tell amazing stories and convey deep messages to your visitors. They can perceive the feel of your home through the art form you choose for your home. The various artworks around your home can trigger deep conversations as regards to life issues or core values. You might be able to tell stories of your experiences through the artworks in your home. Your walls can be turned into a time machine taking people into the future as it plays out in your mind, or you can tell a story of the past. You must be willing to explore and draw out the artist in you.

Art allows you to lose yourself, finds your true personality and makes you feel something deeper than the usual.