Seashell Wall Decor

Seashell craft making involves a lot of creativity which enhances the look of what we create with the seashells. The colors and textures imprinted on the seashells by nature cannot be matched even by the best artist.
For the creation of the Original Seashell wall decors I follow the below steps -
  • First I decide the size of the masonite board I would like to use as a base for my work and the background color of the design. Along with the seashells I use various other materials including tiny pieces of natural stones, sea glasses, or even sand for texture. I always like experimenting with new materials and combinations.
  • Painting the seashells or the baseboard can take a couple of days depending on the look I am trying to achieve. Sometimes I have to apply multiple coats to the background or to the seashells. Usually I try to preserve the natural seashell color and use paints only in case my design theme demands it.
  • After the background is ready, I put out the seashells on the base with lots of thought and time to find how the seashells best fit with each other and the background painting. Or I might finalise the design based on some inspiration.
  • Once the positions of the seashells are decided each shell is glued with Weldbound glue on its position on the base board. If a flower needs to be created before sticking it to the board, I glue the shells with strong Gorilla glue. The flower is sticked to the base board with Weldbound glue.
  • I leave the piece overnight to dry. After it completely dries I paint the entire seashell craft with satin or matt varnish to give it a shine as well as preserve the colors.
  • The piece is sent for framing. Some of the pieces are framed inside wooden shadow boxes with non-reflective glass on front. Some are framed with mdf frames with transparent acrylic on front.